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Documentary clerk/clerk
Work Experience:3-4 years of experience Education:College Recruitment Number:2 people Release Time:2018-01-23
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for receiving order or shipping information, checking product quantity, unit price, delivery time, etc.;
2. Billing, packaging, express delivery and follow-up of products shipped by the company;
3. Complete the tasks temporarily assigned by superior leaders.
4. Responsible for statistics and analysis of daily production daily reports, and reasonably arrange the production schedule;
5. To ensure effective communication with the production-related departments.
Job Responsibilities:
1. More than 1 year working experience as a factory clerk;
2. Good interpersonal relationship, strong sense of innovation and pioneering spirit;
3. Careful, serious and responsible work, strong pressure resistance, good communication skills and teamwork spirit;
4. Skilled computer operation skills.