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"Quit smoking cessation artifact"-iqos heated electronic cigarette
Announcer: Release Time:2018-06-20 19:45:18

People with sharp eyes realized that this is not an ordinary electronic cigarette. This is the iqos heated electronic cigarette that has recently become popular in Japan and even Asia. In Japan, this iqos has become the king of popularity. You can’t buy it without waiting in line for a long time. Japan even posted a smoking ban and a logo that allows the use of iqos electronic cigarettes in public. What makes the Japanese so relieved that people smoke iqos e-cigarettes in public? The reason is simple, because iqos has a face of an electronic cigarette, but it only heats and does not burn, no open flame, no ash, and no second-hand smoke. It has the same taste as traditional cigarettes and contains only a small amount of tar (tar is The poison of traditional cigarettes!)
Compared with the burning temperature of traditional cigarettes up to 800℃, iqos does not need to be ignited by an open flame. It only needs to be heated to 350℃, using heat energy to bake steel wire, evaporate nicotine and spices, and obtain the same flavor and taste as tobacco. Love this iqos electronic cigarette. There is almost no odor, no need to worry about affecting any people, there will be no tobacco smell and other problems after smoking, harmful substances are reduced by 90%, but they have the same taste as traditional cigarettes, completely replacing traditional cigarettes.