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Can e-cigarette quit smoking?
Announcer: Release Time:2018-06-20 19:51:11
Regarding e-cigarettes, the most frequently asked question is "Can it quit smoking?
First of all, we need to be clear, what is smoking? Let me post Russell's famous quote here: People smoke for nicotine but they die from the tar. People smoke to get nicotine, but they die of tar. ——Sir Michale Russell, Laan Lite, it does not inhale smoke, but tar-free, nicotine-only vapor, and mist. Like its name-Shan Lan. Lan, misty. It can solve your nicotine needs, and it does not contain carcinogenic tar in cigarettes, and the exhaled gas does not contain choking solid particles. You can arbitrarily chemically react with nicotine without worrying about additional health problems or the pungent smell of second-hand smoke. It's important not to affect people. Friends who are in the media, advertising, and design, want to smoke a cigarette to ease the pressure when they encounter creative bottlenecks. At this time, you can take out Xiaoshan Lan and have fun in the office, continue to inspire, continue to code madly, and make plans~ At home, you don’t have to risk being beaten by your wife, watching TV in the living room. Lan Xiaoshan. When friends gather, you can freely addiction without disturbing the people around you.